Sponsorship & DonationS


Donating to The Bunker National Cartoon Gallery and National Holden Motor Museum offers a unique opportunity to support cultural preservation and community engagement.

The Cartoon Gallery, housed in an historic WWII bunker, is the only Cartoon Gallery in Australia, showcasing over 23,000 cartoons from renowned artists. Additionally, the Holder Motor Museum preserves and showcases the rich history and heritage of the iconic Holden brand.

Your donation will help maintain this vital cultural institution, ensuring the continuation of exhibitions, workshops and educational programmes.

The Bunker is an endorsed deductible gift recipient and therefore donations over $2 are fully tax deductable.

You can make donations in person at the Bunker or contact the Treasurer on 02 6651 7343 or treasurer@cartoongallery.com.au to make other payment arrangements.


We are currently developing a range of sponsorship packages and will update this website as soon as they are finalised.