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National Cartoon Gallery

Australia’s only Cartoon Gallery and home to the largest collection of cartoons in the country.

Australia’s only Cartoon Gallery and home to the largest collection of cartoons in the country.

Check out our quick gallery tour here!

Check out our gallery tour here!

Located in Coffs Harbour NSW,  the original gallery is housed in a WWII Air Force Bunker. A recent expansion has added a second large gallery, a café with a view, souvenir shop, cinema and meeting room.

Exhibitions change every couple of months and we cater for all age groups.

So, if you’re looking for an experience that’s fun and interesting, the National Cartoon Gallery offers something that you can’t get anywhere else in Australia.

We are open Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 4pm.  Visit us today!

What’s on at the National Cartoon Gallery?

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new AN exhibition opening

Awakening Needs - Linda Nolan & Karen Plumbe

NOW AT FYRESIDE ARTS - Unit 5, 8-10 Industrial Drive, North Boambee Valley, NSW 2450 

Please RSVP txt to 0416 017 372.

Exhibition Opening Night!

Kindly join us for the Opening Night of the Awakening Needs Exhibition, an immersive experience designed to encourage profound exploration into the language and nuanced essence of human needs such as Love, Connection, Integrity, and Trust.

This Exhibition features exquisite watercolor paintings by Linda Nolan and eloquent words by Karen Plumbe.

Doors open at 6pm, March 22nd, 2024.

Free. BYO drinks.

Awakening Needs National Cartoon Gallery Artist talk and workshop

Awakening Needs - Linda Nolan & Karen Plumbe

CANCELLED - Artist & Writer's Talk

Join Linda and Karen for this Artist and Writer's talk.
We will explore the language of human needs and how they are expressed in our everyday life.
We will share how the inspiration for this project is reflected by the natural world and how we can find reminders to take care of ourselves and the environment.

Doors open at 9:45 for 10am start, Sunday March 24th 2024. Please pay $8 entry fee to the Gallery when you arrive. Click on the button to access tickets!

CANCELLED - Watercolour Workshop

This 3 hour hands-on workshop with Artist Linda Nolan and Karen Plumbe will introduce you to creatively expressing our human needs using watercolour.

At the end of the workshop you will take home a unique framed art piece and a deck of Awakening Needs cards. $120

11:30am - 2:30pm, Sunday March 24th 2024. Please pay $8 entry fee to the Gallery when you arrive.

Click on the button to access tickets!

SPACE (Facebook Post)




Participate in our newest cartooning competition featuring dedicated sections for both KIDS AND ADULTS!

Unleash your creativity and craft a Cartoon or Artwork that transcends ordinary realms!

Artwork size should not exceed A3. Submission fee is $5 per cartoon. Feel free to enter as many times as you wish!

The competition concludes at midnight on March 25th, 2024.

Click on the button to access the Entry Form and embark on a journey into the extraordinary!


Copy of Fore! A Cartoon Golf Exhibition.


CANCELLED - Bunker Gallery

9 February to 28 April

You asked, we delivered!!

Join us for a laugh with Golf through the lenses of the world's most humorous cartoonists!

Show your Golf Club membership for discounted admission.



CANCELLED - Bunker Gallery

19 April to 23 June

SPACE! Blasts Off with Space-Themed Exhibition and Inter-generational Cartoon Competition

This extraordinary exhibition invites audiences to explore the cosmos through the imaginative lens of cartoonists, accompanied by an engaging cartoon competition open to participants of all ages.

Come and be transported into the vast expanse of space through the wit and creativity of cartoons. From whimsical depictions of alien encounters to humorous renditions of intergalactic travel, the exhibition promises an out-of-this-world experience. The featured cartoons, carefully curated for their cosmic charm, highlight the universal appeal of humor in the exploration of space.

Health Exhibition (1)


CANCELLED - Upper North Gallery

22 March to 28 July

Wellness Whimsies is a collection of cartoons by various Australian cartoonists, inspired by the theme of healthy living. The cartoons are humorous and relatable, showing the joys and challenges of pursuing a wellness lifestyle. The exhibition is a complement to the Awakening Needs exhibition by Linda Nolan, which explores the universal human needs that drive our actions and emotions.

Awakening Needs National Cartoon Gallery Exhibition Poster


Linda Nolan & Karen Plumbe

CANCELLED  - Upper South Gallery

22 March to 19 May

Awakening Needs is a collection of 40 artworks by Linda Nolan, inspired by the writings of Karen Plumbe. The artworks explore the universal human needs that drive our actions and emotions.

3 GA why is he laughing (1)



Cancelled  - Upper South Gallery

24 May to 28 July

Why Is He Laughing? is an exhibition of cartoons extracted from the book by Geoff Augustine, a cartoonist who found humour in his cancer treatment. The cartoons are a testimony to the power of laughter as a coping mechanism.

tattoo exhibition


Cancelled  - Bunker Gallery

12 July to 22 September

Inked Chronicles is a retrospective exhibition of the 2004 Rotary Cartoon Awards "Tattoos Are U", a competition that showcases the best of Australian Cartooning.

Themed around tattoos, the exhibition presents a collection of witty and imaginative cartoons that celebrate the intersection of art and humour in the realm of body ink. Join us in commemorating the rich talent and diversity of Australian cartoonists through this engaging showcase that pays homage to the artistry and wit of tattoos.

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