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The National Cartoon Gallery

Home of the Rotary Cartoon Awards, The National Cartoon Gallery @The Bunker in Coffs Harbour is the only gallery of its kind and known as the spiritual home of cartooning in Australia. Our entertaining and thought provoking exhibitions change regularly, as well as workshops, movie nights, performances and other special events for children and adults. You're bound to find something to make you smile at the bunker!

..and with a multi-million dollar renovation underway we encourage you to watch this space!

So come on, why don’t you... join us for a good laugh!

Upcoming Exhibitions & Events

Even Trump is now happier in a mask

Even Trump is now happier in a mask

If we are going to be wearing masks for some months, then let’s get something that more fun than the boring designs currently available. Australia needs innovation! We can’t depend on the medical profession to produce anything stylish – just look at the shapeless kit doctors and nurses wear around hospitals. Who’s going to solve one of the greatest challenges of the twenty first century? We believe that the best people to design face masks that Australians will be fighting to buy, are cartoonists! Let’s face it. Cartoonists earn their living by making fun of serious people and events. The National Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour is prepared to take the lead. We intend to contact our large network of cartoonists and invite them to design face masks that will cause hilarity on our streets. People will want to be seen on television putting masks on! Above are just 3...

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