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The Underground! Summer 2020

Your summer edition of the underground is here!!!
Find out about the Rotary Cartoon Awards Night, who was there, who won and how close we are to moving into our new gallery. There's info about Holiday workshops for the kids, we reveal what will be the first headlining exhibition on our new gallery and loads more!


RCA 2020__-8

Rotary Cartoon Awards 2020 – Winners Announced!

32nd Rotary Cartoon Awards winners announced! 

Great excitement at the gallery last Saturday night as 16 of Australia’s best-known cartoonists gathered for the 32nd Annual Rotary Cartoon Awards.   

In this weird Covid 19 year, the sellout event had cartoonists and cartoon lovers travelling from far afield to the gallery, or tuning in online, as the eagerly awaited announcement of this year’s winners took place.   Some very clever video acceptance speeches kept the audience entertained when the winner could not be physically here - with some thinking there should have been a prize for ‘best acceptance video speech’!   

The Rotary Cartoon of the Year award went to John ‘Polly’ Farmer with a brilliant entry into the Special topic ‘Crisis, which Crisis?’, inspired by the catastrophic year that has been 2020.   

This popular, nation-wide competition features cartoons, caricatures and comic art from many of Australia’s most admired and widely recognized cartoonists. 

You now have two months to come to the Gallery to view the best of the best on the walls at this outstanding tribute to Australia’s cartooning talent. The exhibition runs until 28 February 2021, and while you are visiting, come upstairs to view the new gallery from 4 January 2021! 


Congratulations to all the winners!

To view all the winning works CLICK HERE

Merit Award - George Haddon - 123893 Free range eggs
Winner - Chris ‘Roy’ Taylor - 123808 Covid Dog Walks
Merit Award - Pat Hudson - 124003 Government approved social distancing
Winner - Steve Panozzo 123938 Formula One
Comic Strip
Merit Award - Tony Lopes 123912 Rapunzel’s Brother
Winner - Mark Lynch 124016 Late start
Merit Award - David Rowe 123834 USA Burning
Winner - John ‘Polly’ Farmer 124051 A Big Job
Merit Award; Michael Breen - 124093 Gladys Berejiklian Crisis Cluster
Winner - Judy Nadin 124043
Special category “Crisis, Which Crisis?”
Merit Award - David Rowe 123842 World Pool Leader
Winner - George Haddon 123892 Wildlife Crisis
Cartoon of the year
Winner - John ‘Polly’ Farmer - 124045 An Invitation


3 x facemasks

Even Trump is now happier in a mask

If we are going to be wearing masks for some months, then let’s get something that more fun than the boring designs currently available.

Australia needs innovation!

We can’t depend on the medical profession to produce anything stylish – just look at the shapeless kit doctors and nurses wear around hospitals.

Who’s going to solve one of the greatest challenges of the twenty first century?

We believe that the best people to design face masks that Australians will be fighting to buy, are cartoonists!

Let’s face it. Cartoonists earn their living by making fun of serious people and events.

The National Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour is prepared to take the lead. We intend to contact our large network of cartoonists and invite them to design face masks that will cause hilarity on our streets. People will want to be seen on television putting masks on!

Above are just 3 examples of what our cartoonists can design

The only downside to this project is that Governments may have to dump the millions of boring face masks they have in stock.

We will be sending the best new designs to the Prime Minister for mass production. If he likes the idea, we will create an exhibition in our Coffs Harbour Cartoon Gallery showing the most innovative mask designs received.

For comment, please contact Paul McKeon at P: 0418 418 802,


featured artists: Matt Golding, Lindsay Foyle & Judy Nadin

3 x facemasks


Cartoonists Protest!

National Cartoon Gallery spokesman calls for President Trump

to be re- elected…..again and again

Cartoonists all over the world are reporting heightened states of anxiety over the concerns that Americans might not re-elect Donald Trump in the upcoming November elections.

The National Cartoon Gallery’s spokesman, Paul McKeon said that President Trump had enabled most cartoonists to work half as hard as they used to, as he provided hilarious cartoon material on a daily basis.

“If Jo Biden becomes President, cartoonists will have to start thinking again and looking for weird and unbelievable material that isn’t provided by the White House. Just think how boring it would be to have a leader of the Western World who was rational, truthful and had some knowledge of what was going on in the real world. Cartoonists will be shattered.

At the National Cartoon Gallery , we are working on a petition which calls on American voters to re-elect Trump every four years…. until he stops providing cartoonists with such wonderful material. We expect to get over 100,000 cartoonists worldwide to sign it.”

Any Australians wishing to sign can do so at the National Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour. We have the largest collection of cartoons in Australia, including many of Donald Trump, which he’s not too happy about.

For further comment, please contact Paul McKeon P. 02 6652 7581.


Cartoon by Mark Lynch



Underground Winter_2020_R2-01

Winter – Underground

The 2020 Winter edition of the underground is here!

Full of info about this years Rotary Cartoon Awards, a build update, the Toons 4 Wildlife WIRES fundraiser, visits from reptiles and a whole lot more!

CLICK HERE to view your copy.


Gallery Rises from the bunker!

The gallery had a great spread published in the Advocate this week... we can't help but reflect and feel grateful for all the support the Advocate has given us over the years as we draw closer to it's final edition on June 27.

This article is a great example of that support as you will see here we got a front page ad... a front page leader and the fabulous spread showing the construction progress and a the generosity of all involved that have brought us from our humble beginnings to this exciting stage in our incredible development and the unique, proposed attraction we are soon to provide for the entire community!

Thank you Coffs Coast Advocate and best wishes to all the staff embarking on a new chapter of their lives.

To read the full article CLICK HERE.



5 May 4 - Gerni -17

Playing in the Mud!

On the weekend we gave the old girl a good wash!!

Our new gallery plans will make a feature of the exterior of this section of the original WWII Bunker so Marg, Paul, Hal, Mick and Graham got their work boots on and gave her a good scrub revealing some very interesting concreting techniques and textures from the 1940's... Go Team!

We've now made it super easy if you'd like to help us get our new exhibition.... click below to make a tax deductible donation via pay pal.




MANGA Cartoon Awards

An interesting cartooning event has come across my desk this week, another great reminder that although many of us are confined to our homes, globally we are all still very much connected.

The Embassy of Japan is promoting its MANGA cartoon awards program and has asked us to reach out to Australian cartoonists in hope of their participation.

The awards program was founded in 2007 in an effort to expand international exchange and mutual understanding through cartoon culture. They aim to recognise and honour artists contributing to international MANGA culture.

Hopefully some of the artists within our community are keen to jump on board.
Entries close 19 June 2020. To find out more information and to enter CLICK HERE.

Woolworths 5

Eltoon Rocks The Plaza

The National Cartoon Gallery had such a great response to the recent  Captain Fantastic Cartoon Competition we were approached by the Park Beach Plaza to do an installation of "Eltoons" in centre which put the gallery and our selected artists in the spotlight during the time Elton was on tour and passing through Coffs Harbour!

Life sized prints were created so shoppers could put their heads through capturing themselves as an Eltoon in photos as a memento.

The Coffs Harbour Airport also featured one of our Eltoons in the arrivals area and long time gallery supporter Steve Panozzo  spent 2 days in centre drawing shoppers and promoting the gallery.... AND we did a give-away in conjunction with the Park Beach Plaza, winners received 2 x tickets to see Elton in Coffs Harbour, Kindly donated by Carole and Graham Locket.

The Captain Fantastic Cartoon Competition and all the off shoots and collaborations that come with it were such a great success and a heap of fun. The gallery thanks all our artists and other contributors for getting involved!

Sorry my images have no people in them! But please check them out by clicking through the gallery below...

Featured artists: Judy Nadin, Buddy Ross, Al Rose, Shelley Brauer, Steve Panozzo, Eric Carter, Gerald Carr, Ron Atkinson, David Morris, Anthony Mitchel

Featured image - News post - Website-01

Temporary Closure

Unfortunately due to the new rules and recommendations related to COVID-19 the gallery will be closed temporarily.

All events for the month of March and April have been cancelled. This includes:
Opening night- Doin' it for the kids,
Performance - Irish Joe Lynch,
April School Holiday workshops.
Due to the uncertainty around the progression of the virus we are unable to predict when we will reopen therefore there is uncertainty around the proceedings with the following exhibitions:
Captain Fantastic may be extended until the 31st May.
Doin' it for the kids may be postponed until early December.
At this stage we hope to reopen with the new exhibition and opening night of Toons for wildlife on the 5th June. Please keep an eye on the website and social pages for updates and feel free to get in touch via email:

...and please... help support your community and the arts by visiting us when we are all back on board... keep well everyone!


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