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Emile Mercier - A selection of Cartoons

Emile Mercier

Emile Mercier (1901-1981) was an Australian cartooning icon who arrived in Australia as a young man from New Caledonia, hoping to find his fortune.  He found work as a full-time cartoonist for the The Sun newspaper in 1949. but steered away from cartooning cliches to produce cartoons that carried a gentle Gallic humour filled with absurdity and whimsy about his new life in a foreign country.

He was a shrewd observer of daily life in the inner suburbs of Sydney and his strokes of artistry and sense of the ridiculous, often lampooned our strange obsessions, such as pouring gravy on every meal.  His comic drawings of drunks, tramps, horse-racing, boxing, fashion, motoring, golf and stray cats show us a man who could not control his “natural Gallic naughtiness”, who dressed like his cartoon characters but earned the respect of all those who worked with him.


Behind the Lines

The National Cartoon Gallery is delighted to once again be hosting the travelling exhibition Behind the Lines developed and presented by the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.

Each year the Behind the Lines exhibition features a broad selection of political cartoons from around Australia, providing an insight into the year in Australian politics. The main theme for 2021 was Prophecy & Chance inspired by our need to know what the future holds in these times of uncertainty and the unexpected. The exhibition features 105 political cartoons by 38 of Australia’s best political cartoonists

Behind the Lines is a travelling exhibition developed by Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, proudly supported by the National Cartoon Collection Institutions Touring and Outreach program, an Australian Government program aiming to improve access to the national collections for all Australians.


Gail Yager – Into the Abyss

C.ex Coffs Camera Club Nature Photography Competition

With no shortage of incredible scenes to shoot on the Coffs Coast, there should be plenty of entries in the region's premier nature photography Competition.

Entries are being sought for the 18th annual C.ex Coffs Camera Club Marnie Yeates Nature Photography Competition.

The competition will be displayed in the National Cartoon Gallery from October 7th to November 14th 2022 and is open to all residents in the Coffs Coast Area (from Grafton to Scotts Head and west to Dorrigo and Glenreagh).